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100% Japanese Materials

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Super fit

Fits any shape of hand and remains snugly in place, regardless of the position or movement of your hand, all made possible by Fit39's revolutionary material.

Powerful grip

Our patented synthetic leather provides excellent grip in all weathers, particularly in the rain when, on contact with moisture, it holds onto the club even more tightly.




Long lasting

Glove's lifespan more than doubled compared to other brands. Not easily worn out after extended use, especially in the high wear palm area.


Suitable for unlimited machine washing, without shrinking, stiffness and disfiguring. In addition, the SEK certified coating makes it anti-bacterial and odour resistant.

Detailed look

1. Made in Japan, TOYOBO's elastic fabric gives you the ultimate comfort.



2. Different materials are firmly stitched together for better durability.


3. Velcro allows easy fastening and adjustment of the tightness you wish.


4. Holes on the surface allow the air to flow through.


5. More holes beteween the fingers help to keep the hands dry in sweaty conditions.


6. Made by TORAY, the renowned synthetic leather provides a strong grip even in the rain.

7. The elastic band wraps the wrist tightly, ensuring the gloves do not slip.



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Longest lasting glove I have ever worn. I have played the best golf since wearing one, I can't believe how long it has lasted, why have we not seen these here previously, my hand does not sweat as much"

— Sean Finegan

Female Golfer with Clubs

It’s the best glove ever. No creases, no ripples....just a great fit. And it’s like another grip on the grip. So, there is no slippage. The gloves lasts a long time too. It comes in different colors. I love these gloves.

— Amazon Customer Review

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