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The most durable golf glove you can find on the market, made possible by Fit39's high-quality, patented materials from Japan.

*Super fit: Fits any shape of the hand and remains snugly in place, regardless of the position or movement of your hand.

*Powerful grip: Supports the hand firmly in all weather conditions, particularly in the rain when, on contact with moisture, the leather holds onto the club even more tightly, further enhancing the grip.

*Long-lasting: Glove's lifespan more than doubled compared to other brands. Not worn out as easily as your usual gloves even after extended use, thanks to our patened materials made in Japan.

*Washable: Suitable for unlimited machine washing, without shrinking, stiffness and deformation. The SEK-certified coating also makes it anti-bacterial and odour resistant.

Classic Sky Blue/Black

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.99Sale Price