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Soft yet durable, Fit39 Golf Ball GBS-3000 has a high spin, but without sacrificing distance. Comparable to Pro V1 yet much more affordable.


Fit39 Golf Balls have these incredible features:

- Excellent wind resistance

- Soft feeling urethane cover

- Crystal coating: easy to spot due to the glittering effect

- Energy core: increases more distance

- Advanced greenside control



  • Variations: white balls and coloured balls (pink, blue, and yellow)
  • Number of layers: 3-piece urethane layers


Additional facts:

  • Urethane Cover with Energy Core
  • Best for Swing Speed at 95-105 mph
  • Crystal Coating - Easy to Spot
  • Dimple 332
  • Mid Compression 90±3
  • Extra Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Advanced Greenside Control
  • Wind-Resistance
  • Pro Trajectory / Durable
  • Conforms with R&A USGA Rules

Golf Balls - GBS 3000