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Special bundle deal. Save up to $39 on golf balls, chip markers, and gloves!

This bundle contains:

  • 2 dz coloured balls (worth $76)
  • 2x chip markers (worth $10)
  • 2x gloves of your choice* (worth $32) - please add the gloves along with this item to your cart


A total of six items worth $118 now only at $99, plus a $20 discount on shipping! Claim your shipping voucher by entering promo code ship20 at checkout.


*Note: Applies to 2x Classic gloves. If you select the Cool, Hot, or Professional gloves, the price difference of $3/pc or $4/pc will be added to the bundle.


*Note: When purchasing this bundle, please be sure to add 2 gloves of your choice to the cart as well. Orders without the gloves will get cancelled.


Bundle offer ends 30 September, 2023.



Learn more about the Fit39 Golf Balls


Soft yet durable, Fit39 Golf Ball GBS-3000 has a high spin, but without sacrificing distance. Comparable to Pro V1 yet much more affordable.


Fit39 Golf Balls have these incredible features:

- Excellent wind resistance

- Soft feeling urethane cover

- Crystal coating: easy to spot due to the glittering effect

- Energy core: increases more distance

- Advanced greenside control


Additional facts:

  • Urethane Cover with Energy Core
  • Best for Swing Speed at 95-105 mph
  • Crystal Coating - Easy to Spot
  • Dimple 332
  • Mid Compression 90±3
  • Extra Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Advanced Greenside Control
  • Wind-Resistance
  • Pro Trajectory / Durable
  • Conforms with R&A USGA Rules

Golf Ball Bundle

$118.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
Chip Marker
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